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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  November 18, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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they had to go in and condemn 54 apartments in these complexes alone. for some victims at least the suffering continues tonight. >> i didn't even know the roof was gone until i heard people howling in the hallway, i went out in the hallway and looked up and there was the sky. >> she is packing up what she and her son can carry. she doesn't nowhere they'll go now that they have been forced from their home. >> they didn't condemn all of them but naturally the ones with the rooftops off are condemned so at the moment i'm homeless. >> reporter: residents returning to the apartment complex this thursday didn't know what to expect. the storm ripped off roofs and the 80 miles per hour winds turned two by four studs into jaf liberals striking anything that in their path, you can still see plywood wedged in the trees. >> i thought it was the end of the world. it was like 2012. i just started praying and repenting of all my since.
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>> reporter: given the extent of the damage the city was fortunate this disaster came with no body count. >> there's nobody dead and given the number of children we have at the shelters before the holiday it's an absolute miracle. it's an absolute miracle. >> reporter: still, while some residents looked forward to moving back into their homes others grew frustrated by what they viewed as indifference to their plight. >> they can come up with some funding for all this other stuff, what happens for funding to put these people in the hotels, what about the old people that don't have nowhere to go? we do have that. we have one in our building has no family, no nothing. >> reporter: even as she loaded up her car with the basic necessities she knew the balance of what mattered most to her was left behind. >> well i hope somebody can get my cats because they are still in there scared and howling, i just left some food and water out for 'em. >> reporter: police still have
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a command center setup here and in the last 20 minutes or so we have seen no less than a dozen squad cars circling the area. yet, tonight, looting remains a concern. we'll have more on that story coming up at 6:00. reporting live in northeast baltimore, jeff haeger, abc 2 news. >> thanks a lot jeff. mayor stephanie rollings blake has setup a fund for those affected by the storms. they have donated to commit $10,000 to the relief fund. if you would like to help out you can go through harbor bank of maryland, west fayette street, baltimore, maryland, 21201. yesterday's storm rolled into baltimore county as well. people in the parkville area are still dealing with the damage today. tree experts working in the area says much of this heavy damage could have been averted. tim rutherford explains why. >> reporter: less than 36 hours
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after this destructive storm roared through parkville the clean-up and repair have gone remarkably quick. >> this ain't the way it was last night. >> reporter: wednesday morning this home on vicksburg avenue was the landing zone for this huge toppled tree. builders worked through the night to repair the roof. today, the tree lies in boulder- sized pieces on the neighbor's lawn, the construction workers have been replaced by verizon workers reconnecting cables and tree experts sizing up the damage. >> you can see the split up there where the whole trunk line is split there. >> reporter: ryan palmer says maintaining your large trees can help prevent these kind of stents. >> you can have them trimmed, thinned up, light end up away from the house and make 'em safe. every 5 to 7 years is a good rule of thumb. sometimes fertilizer them once every 10 or 15 years will do. >> reporter: having dealt with clean ups in major storms for many years, brian and his crew
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are convinced that this storm did not include a tornado. >> tornadoes, a strong tornado, will spiral, so you will have stuff goin' in every different direction. so i'm not convinced that it was a tornado but it was just high winds coming threw in one direction. >> reporter: tornado or not, the battered residents here in parkville continue to clean up and remain grateful for no serious injuries. in parkville, tim rutherford, abc 2 news. . all right. on the weather front today, you know, we're still waiting to hear from the national weather service on exactly what type of storm that was that came through the parkville area, the northeast part of town. want to just quickly before we get into weather show you, we're talking about this on our weather blog here, lynette charles, williams doing a bit of an update on this for us, but our friends at accuweather doing a pretty good analysis too on this, this is
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an accurate look at the storm when it came through at 1:30 a.m., and that single spot of green indicating a twist in the winds there. so that would tend to favor the potential of a tornado with the storm. and there's sort of a side scan of the storm showing a bit of a rotation too. so we're going to be interested to see what the national weather service in d.c. has to say. back here tonight though, cloudy skies, hit or miss drizzle out to the west, 40s west, low 50s, here in the harbor area, down through annapolis and cambridge. we fall off to 47 and mostly cloudy skies will be the story. into the weekend we go, looking like some sunshine in the offing and a big change in the weather before thanksgiving. kelly. >> because of all this devastation the red cross is asking for your help. they are asking each person to help fund $10 to aid the victims of yesterday's storm.
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react to 50555 or give them a call (410)624-2000. coming up at 5. 30 a look at the great work that the red cross does. all you have to do is head to abc 2 news/weather to get the latest forecast and track any severe weather that moves through your neighborhood. and now the latest on that man whose body was found inside a box out on route 70 now this week. police have now identified him as 36-year-old jacoby vasquez, he çówas shot in dc, reported missing on friday and found dead on the side of i-70 on tuesday. state police are now trying to work down march zen pa len see a pieville. they believe he was somehow involved. a woman remains in critical condition tonight after police say her husband shot her nine times this morning and then barricaded himself inside the couple's home.
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this all unfolded around 9:30 this morning in the 3600 block of okay trace way in randall's town. brian kuebler joins us with some temperatures moments from the standoff in baltimore county. >> this started violent and ended violent. the middle four hours were indeed tense as neighbors were on lockdown and a family waited for answers. >> this was the scene this morning at the staging area. baltimore county police locked in a barricade situation with a man they say shot his wife certainly times. when police made the scene this morning the woman was able to escape the home. her 8-year-old son unharmed, quickly came out of the house behind her. neighbors, some having no choice, watched out their window. >> the alarm went off and i guess after she got out that's when i found out it was a barricade situation. i never saw her, i saw the little boy about 9:30, 10:00, leave the house. >> reporter: back at the
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staging area family began to arrive, obviously concerned, emotional. waiting for this all to play out. just after 1:00 when police made their entry it did. >> we do know that the suspect is deceased and that the victim in this case, she is still alive, and she is expected to live and she is in critical but stable condition at shock trauma. >> reporter: the suspect has been identified as terrence wilson and police say he took his own life. he and his wife had a history of domestic violence. county police responding to the couple's home for a disturbens as recently as this past tuesday night. all of that now just compounding the grief as a randall's town family just begins to work through such a violent and tragic ending. now again the 8-year-old boy was unharmed in all of this. his mother is expected to survive buttery plays in critical condition at shock trauma. brian kuebler, abc 2 news.
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>> thanks a lot brian. all new at 5:00 tonight, investigators in ohio have found the bodies of three missing people, a mother, her young son, and a family friend who disappeared november 10th. they were found just miles from the home where the woman's 13- year-old daughter was found. the 13-year-old was found alive but bound and gagged in the basement of the home last saturday. a 30-year-old man who was found in the basement of the hom . leslie johnson was involved in a crime, she wanted them to kuwait to take office. she was arrested with jack johnson, he allegedly accepted 15 grand from fed val investigators. he told them to flush a $100,000 check down the toilet and hide the money in her bra and underwear. there is no state law to prevent leslie johnson from
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being sworn in. we have an update in that robbery at the baltimore nature center. two brothers aged 11 and 14 are now charged with a crime. authorities say they nabbed iguodala wanna, gecko, turtles and a madagascar missing cockroach. they have been returned to the carey murray center. tonight, friends are remembering a boxing trainer who is one of baltimore's beloved mentors. maclewis, who taught hundreds to keep their face protected and jab better at a better life has died. a viewing is being held in the j'vonne green funeral home, mr. mac's weak will be tomorrow morning at 10:00 followed by a fume at 11:00 on the campus of morgan state university. maclewis was 92 years old. the red cross of central maryland is always lending a
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helping hand during disasters and now they are helping the families affected by the storm like those living in the dutch village apartments, how the red cross is providing much relief. marijuana is found to dull the senses. but now they suggested it causes long-term problems in the brain. more coming up on the health alert. more at 5:30. she didn't end up as vice president, now why sarah palin believes she could beat president obama if she decided to run. ea.
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the severe weather is the big the downed power lines. this tree top we valley in new york and new england, there's well she went through thousands of restaurant reports dishing up the dirt on the places we all eat. but now joce sterman is going back to school. she is here now with the preview of her latest installment of dirty dining. break it down joce. >> reporter: all right kelly. you send your kids off to
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school thinking the worst thing they'll see in the cafeteria is a food fight. we went through towns of inspections papers to the places your kids have lunch. we're taking a look at the lunch lady and what goes on inside her kitchen. we pulled records for nearly 500 schools all over the baltimore area and took a look at how many of them were served up violation notices for critical food issues. that involves how food is cooked and held and they involve issues that could ultimately make you sick. we took a look at violations concerning teachers pets, taking them to parents who assumed their school cafeteria was safe. >> i guess you could wonder about everything. so in your mind you might not ask a question you don't necessarily want to know the answer to. >> like it or not we're giving you the answers tonight at 11:00. which districts get an a for
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their efforts to keep kva tier i can't say safe and clean and which ones need detention for what they found behind the serving line. parents you can relate to this. as the holiday season nears many of us can become overwhelmed with all the choices out there for toys. so the consumer products safety commission wants to make sure your choices are safe this holiday season, new toy safeguards are in place including redecemberring the level of lead and working with customs and borders to make sure no bad stuff is coming into the united states. 80% of the toys that come into the u.s. are from china. safety steps have contributed to a drop in recalls they say. >> recalls are down from last year, as well as the number of late recalls and deaths, but what we're seeing is the number of injuries are increasing. >> now the consumer safety council is urging them to keep safety in mind.
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be aware of your child's surroundings when they are playing. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. it was nice today? >> yeah, kelly. i mean you know, crisp fall day, a little breezy. but tough to complain i think. >> yeah, no rain, no storms, no tornado-like winds. >> exactly. that's exactly right. and you know, this weekend looking relatively seasonable, upper 50s, sunshine. where we see a big change is actually when we don't want it, the busiest travel day of the year, reportedly wednesday, into thanksgiving and it will be a cold thanksgiving weekend. but the travel window could be rough for flyers. we'll have a preview on that, all right. >> heads umm. >> check out amtrack if you can. >> ha ha. >> for any number of reasons coally. >> no kidding. >> including this new enhanced pat-down. lift, cup and hold, is that the -- i don't know. anyway. right now it's a beautiful looking sunset out there and
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really just a dust gliding left. sunset was much earlier at 4:52 tonight i think. temperature 51, humidity 44%, winds northwest at 9 and right now generally clear radar picture all across the state. you have to get way up in the central western pa to find any drizzle being picked up here on maryland's most powerful radar. we thought we could see a patch or two of drizzle but looking more like we're not going to see that. winds have been breezy, not the powerful gusts of yesterday but pretty win destuff at times. right now temperatures in the 50 tree range or so, 48 in york and dulles, so it is getting chilly out there. 34 out in western maryland right now, cold stuff. high temperatures today running into the upper 50s, 57 in annapolis, 55 in frederick. show you a look at your neighborhood tomorrow. rand always town about 50, dundalk about 53. we'll shave a couple of degrees off as they get into a mix of
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cloud an sunshine the story tomorrow. looking pretty active but not much precipitation developing. dry across the state, though mostly cloudy, there is some scattered shower activity, even a little bit of winter precipitation up in the higher terrain of western pa but none of that for us. visible satellite, you can see pretty active up and down the east right now. this is the beginning of a more active weather pattern beginning to develop so we look at things to be pretty darn active over the weekend. a little bit of a lull. it's going to pick up again next week. weather pattern, still actually believe it or not some of the milder air but a secondary cold front comes trufont. bringing chillier air. so again we struggle to get out of the 40s as most of the day will be stuck on the chilly side. up and down the east coast this is interesting we have still got to get generally mild air from baltimore south, we're down to new york, 55, but you see what is coming here. this is just the first of a couple of blasts as much colder
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arctic air is building in up into the canadian central part of canada, so i definitely want to be ready for that. here is a look at your computer model forecast here, we stay clear tonight, tomorrow mostly sunny by the afternoon, each as we go into the afternoon, plenty of sunshine so not a bad deal. tonight we're talking about some chilly conditions, 35 degrees with some clearing breezy and chilly stuff. i'm going to kind of just skip ahead to the seven-day here because i saw a little technical problem with my weather computers, sometimes us weather guys have to give our machine a kick and that's what i just did. but low to mid-50s, saturday and sunday, and toward turkey day kelly i'm tell you the rain and much colder air is going to come in as we fire up the ovens. kelly. >> all right. thanks a lot wyatt. in tonight's health alert on election day arizona became the latest state to legalize medical marijuana as public attitudes towards the drug become more tolerant there was cautionary news tonight from
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medical researchers. here is dr. timothy johnson. >> reporter: marijuana is well known for its dulling effect on the senses but new research highlights the problems long- term that marijuana smoking can cause to the brain. a study presented to the associate for neuroscience was based on cognitive tests administered to 33 chronic pot smokers, asked to sort playing cards those who use pot performed worse than non- smokers and those who used marijuana the most showed the most impairment. or disturbingly, those who started to smoke pot before age 16 did even worse on the test than others who started at a later age. the results suggest that early use of marijuana is associated with greater brain problems. almost 26 million americans reported smoking marijuana at least once in a 2008 survey. the authors say those findings underscore the importance of establishing effective strategies to decrease
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marijuana use, especially in younger populations. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson. well many passengers are protesting but the nation's transportation security chief is standing up for those airport pat downs. the hand checks and full body scans, he says, are necessary to keep the friendly skies friendly. before we head off for your thanksgiving trip, a few rules for the road and the air, so you can make the most of that trip. >> storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. necessary [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable,
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well thanksgiving is almost here and for many they will be hitting the road for the holiday weekend. now if you're having trouble with those last minute plans
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abc 2 news charlie crew stop has some travel tips you may want to keep in mind. >> reporter: by land and by air millions will be away for the holiday weekend traveling to visit loved ones. >> people love to go away especially for thanksgiving to see the family and stuff. a lot of airports will be packed, a lot of people in the air this weekend. >> reporter: with that elbow to elbow congestion tammy williams says first and foremost travelers should be patient. >> it's going to be crowded and especially with all the new regulations they have, the transportation security, the tsa requirements. >> reporter: for that williams says a smart traveler will arrive early and be ready for long and unexpected delays. subscription to prevention getting to the airport you should be there at least two hours prior and maybe even more than that right now through the holidays. >> reporter: ultimately though it's up to the traveler to know airport rules and regulations, especially as they relate to flying with wrapped gift and that sometimes confusing 3-1-1 rule. >> they are going to be
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irritated when they are throwing out a $50 bottle of perfumes and they'll throw it away. >> reporter: road warrior travel kits can include planning in advance and minimizing distractions, but they say beforey even hit the road you need to make sure your car is well maintained. >> that they checked their hoses, their fluid levels, their belts, batteries, battery connections, things like that. as well as check their tire pressure, make sure the tires are properly inflated. >> reporter: also have a understanding of highway laws. >> here in maryland we have a couple of new laws, the move- over law, that requires motorists to move over one lane when it is safe to do so or to reduce speed as they see an emergency vehicle on the side on a shoulder or on the side or engaged in an accident. >> reporter: and the hand-held cell phone ban went into effect in october, making it illegal to be on the road without a
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bluetooth or hands free device and on the phone. >> that was charlie rowson reporting. checking gas prices will also probably be on your mind. we have a link and a web site, click on the story on the site and you'll find a link there. well as we know the holiday season just around the corner and that means shopping for christmas gifts, new at 5:30, find out how you can save money on this year's hottest gang etcetera.
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